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Internships in Asia


An internship in Asia creates the opportunity for an individual to build personal skills, experiences challenges and adversity essential to the development psychological resilience and character. By allowing an individual to step outside their own cultural and familiar surroundings, international internships allows one to grow culturally aware, become flexible and adaptable, as well as mature and develop personally through living and working abroad.


Internships can be arranged in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia. 


"After an intense week I got an internship in a German management consulting firm in Beijing. The tasks I have been given so far are very interesting and challenging. I was expecting to be spending a lot of time doing administrative work, but I spend 90%+ of my time doing tasks which are more project-related ... Read more





Contingent self-esteem, interdependent self-construal or instrumentalized reciprocity might appear like redundant scientific expressions. But they are quite useful, indeed, and they are easily understood.

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Finding interns in Asia


Lindenbaum helps companies in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia finding excellent internship candidates. This service is free of charge for companies.

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Sales Management


China will be the most important consumer market worldwide in a few years. Chinese consumers played a key role sustaining the growth in the global luxury market in 2013, their purchases made up half of the global luxury market.

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